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NREL-WWIS-05850 is located at On Shore. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 35.642, Longitude= -117.825. This infrastructure is of TYPE Wind_Potential and CATEGORY Fuels and Resources. .

Identifiers for Wind Potential

Potential Efficiency and Impact
Potential Overall Rating ExcellentVery GoodGoodMarginalPoorEnvironmentally ResponsibleEnvironmentally Poor
Country Assigned Identification Number
GEO Assigned Identification Number
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Location On/Off Shore
Onshore: Altitude Above Mean Sea Level (m)
Offshore: Depth of Water (m)
Wind Potential Measured By (Agency Name) Data Available As
Mast Height of Measurement (m)
Status of Land Owner Description
Nearest Connection to Transmission (km)
Nearest Road Head (km)
Nearest Rail Head (km)
Cost Of Test in Selected Currency and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Environmental Issues

Issue 1 Description

Wind Potential at Various Heights

Average Wind Speed (m/sec)
Average Wind Power Density (W/sq m)
Weibull Constant (k)
Energy Conversion Factor (%)
Test Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Test End Date (yyyy-mm-dd)


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* USA: All data under GWh generated in Performance Table is Net Generation (total-consumed by plant)