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GNVFC-Bharuch Fertilizer Plant India is located at Gujarat, India. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 21.743, Longitude= 73.0104. This infrastructure is of TYPE Industries . It has 3 unit(s). The first unit was commissioned in 1982 and the last in 1991. It is operated by GUJARAT NARMADA VALLEY FERTILIZERS COMPANY LTD..

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Plant/Unit Type Describe
Date First Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd)
Distance To Transport: To Railhead (km) To Roadhead (km) To Port (km)
Distance To Resources: Electric Substation (km) To Fuel Pipelines (km) To Water Link (km)
Power Requirement (Average MWe) Peak MWe
Heat Requirement (Average MWth) Peak MWth
Water Requirement (Average cum/hr) (Peak cum/hr)
Electric Power Sources Describe
CPP Generator Type Diesel GeneratorSteam TurbineGas TurbineHydroelectric TurbineWind TurbineSolar Farm
Heat Generation Method Electric HeatingFurnace Hot AirFurnace Hot WaterCogeneration CPPOutside Steam ProviderOutside Hotwater Provider
Fuels Used for Power/Heat CoalLigniteNatural GasWaste GasDieselKerosineFuel OilWood/BiomassWasteGeothermalHydro
Fossil Fuels Used as Feedstocks Crude OilOil ProductsNatural GasCoal
Describe the Feedstocks
Sources of Fuel LocalRegionalNational Distribution SystemImported
Quantity Fossil Fuel Needed: Coal(Tonnes/day) Gas(cum/day) Oil(Tonnes/day)
Sources of Water SeaRiverStreamCanalReservoirLakeWellsWaste WaterTreated Wastewater
Describe Sources of Water Used
Capital Cost of Plant and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Unit Information

Unit # Name or Number Date Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd) Decommission Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Construction Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Annual Production Capacity Capacity Units Specify Power Needed (MWe) Heat Needed (MWth/hr) Water Needed (cum/hr) Important Note

Product Information

# Product Name Product Description Annual Capacity Capacity Units Specify Production Process Process Licencee Product Brand Name Feedstock kWh/Unit production Specify Units Year of Data (YYYY)

Environmental Issues

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Past and Future Major Upgrades

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Owner 1 % Share
Type of Ownership
Construction/EPC Contractor
Operating Company
Regulatory Authority
Project Financed By

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* Indian fiscal and data reporting year is from 1 April - 31 March. Date Convention used by GEO: Year 2006 represents 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007.
* cum = cubic meters; MWe = Megawatts electric; MM=million; 1 gigacal (Gcal) = 1.1628 MWhr (Heat); 1 MM BTU = 0.2931 MWhr; 1 Tonne = 1.1023 short tons