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Varzob Cascade HPP-1 Tajikistan is located at Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 38.6726, Longitude= 68.7685. This infrastructure is of TYPE Hydro Power Plant with a design capacity of 7.15 MWe. It has 2 unit(s). The first unit was commissioned in 1936 and the last in 1936. It is operated by Barki Tojik.

Identifiers for Hydro

Status of Plant
Plant Efficiency and Impact
Plant Overall Rating State-of-the-artWorth DuplicatingEnvironmentally Responsible
Country Assigned Identification Number
GEO Assigned Identification Number
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Design Capacity (MWe)
Firm Capacity (MWe) Plant Load Factor (%)
Type of Plant Short Description
Power Plant Used For
River/Lake/Canal Dammed
Year Project Commissioned
Project Benefits Power GenerationIrrigationWater / Flood ManagementNavigationRecreation and SportsTourismCity WaterFish
Power Production Potential At Design GW Hours per year at water head (m)
High Season Generation Months to
Configuration of Powerhouses Distance from Dam (m)
Electric Power Grid Connected To Name/Operator PPA(years)
Name of SubStation Connected To
Mean River Flow (cum/sec)
Name of Main Reservoir Lower Reservoir (if pumped storage)
Catchment Area (sq km)
At Full Reservoir Level (FRL) Surface Area (sq km) Altitude (m)
Capacity of Main Reservoir (MM cum) at FRL Useful/Live
Annual Flow Into Reservoir (MM cum)
Sedimentation Rate (MM cum/year) Impact on Project
Energy Content at FRL (GW hours)
Altitude Above Sea Level Main Reservoir (m) at Maximum at Minimum
Name of Dam
Height of the Dam (m) Crest Altitude (m)
Crest Length of the Dam (m)
Width of Dam at Crest (m) at Base (m)
Type of Dam Describe
Height of Water Head at Maximum (m) at Minimum (m)
Water Flow Rate Through Turbines (cum/sec) Max Velocity (m/sec)
Water Storage Pumping Rate (cum/sec) Max Pumping Power (MWe)
FRL Generation Duration (hours) at Power (MWe)
Water Storage Pumping Time (hours) at Power (MWe)
Water Management Description
Environmental Issues
Capital Cost of Plant and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Unit Information

Unit # Capacity (MWe) Date Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd) Decommission Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Turbine Manufacturer Turbine Model/Type Speed (RPM) Generator Manufacturer Generator Model/Type Hydraulic Head (m) Unit Efficiency (%)

Environmental Issues

Issue 1 Description

Past and Future Major Upgrades

Upgrade 1 Cost Year -

Owner and Operator Information

Owner 1 % Share
Type of Ownership
Construction/EPC Contractor
Operating Company
Regulatory Authority
Project Financed By

Annual Performance


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* cum = cubic meters; MWe = Megawatts electric; MM=million; m=meters