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Atlantic LNG Plant Trinidad and Tobago is located at Point Fortin bor, Trinidad and Tobago. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 10.18106, Longitude= -61.69189. This infrastructure is of TYPE LNG_Ports and CATEGORY Transmission. It has 4 unit(s). The first unit was commissioned in 1999 and the last in 2007. It is operated by Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad

Identifiers for LNG Ports

Status of Port
Port Efficiency and Impact
Port Overall Rating State-of-the-artWorth DuplicatingEnvironmentally Responsible
Country Assigned Identification Number
GEO Assigned Identification Number
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Type of Port
Date Port Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd)
Annual LNG Handling Capacity Units
Total Terminal Storage Capacity Units
Terminal Send Out Capacity Units
Port: Number of Berths Ship Loaders
Number of Moorings Single Point Multiple Point
Port Water Depth (m)
Maximum Vessel Length (m)
Vessel Capacity Range (cum) --
Maximum Ship Unloading Rate [Re]Loading Rate
LNG From (List Countries)
Gasification Plant Serving Port Capacity (Mcum/year)
NG Evacuating Pipelines Number List Names
LNG To (List Countries)
Source of NG List Pipelines Names
Proven Reserves (Bcum) Probable Reserves (Bcum)
Liquification Plant Serving Port Capacity (Mcum/year)
Liquification Technology Patented by
Number of Trains Number List Year(YYYY) Commissioned
Capital Cost of Complex and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Unit Information

Unit # Mooring Name or Train Number Handling Capacity (Mtpa) Pipeline Length to Mooring (m) Pipeline Diameter (cm) Date Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd) Decommission Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Construction Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Important Note

Environmental Issues

Issue 1 Description

Past and Future Major Upgrades

Upgrade 1 Cost Year -

Owner and Operator Information

Owner 1 % Share
Owner 2 % Share
Owner 3 % Share
Owner 4 % Share
Owner 5 % Share
Type of Ownership
Construction/EPC Contractor
Operating Company
Regulatory Authority
Project Financed By

Annual Performance


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* cum = cubic meters; energy content of natural gas is million BTU=293.071kWh; energy content by volume is million BTU = 25-28 cum of natural gas and one MWh = 84 cum.