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Isaac Plains Coal Mine is located at Queensland, Australia. Location coordinates are: Latitude= -21.95414, Longitude= 148.10634. This infrastructure is of TYPE Coal_Mines and CATEGORY Fuels and Resources. .

Identifiers for Coal Mines

Status of Mine
Mine Efficiency and Impact
Mine Overall Rating State-of-the-artWorth DuplicatingEnvironmentally Responsible
Country Assigned Identification Number
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Name of Coal Mine Area
Mine Site Area (hectares) Under Use Reclaimed
Total Capacity of the Mine Units
Type of Mine Give Brief Description
Type of Coal Brief Description
Grade of Coal -- Details
Useful Heat Value of Coal kcal per kg Details
Mode of Coal Evacuation By Brief Description
Primary Mining Method Brief Description
Coal Beneficiation Plant Location Method Description
Total Capacity of Plant Units
Primary Customer of Coal Description
Source of Water Used
Waste and Produced Water Management
Disposition of Tailings
Capital Cost of Mine and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Unit Information

Unit # Mine Unit Name Date Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd) Decommission Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Caloric Value (MJ/kg) Fixed Carbon (%) Ash (%) Volatile Materials (%) Moisture (%) Seam Thickness (m) Seam Incline (deg) Seam Depth Below Surface (m)

Environmental Issues

Issue 1 Description

Past and Future Major Upgrades

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Owner and Operator Information

Owner 1 % Share
Type of Ownership
Construction/EPC Contractor
Operating Company
Regulatory Authority
Project Financed By

Annual Performance


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* Australian fiscal and data reporting year is from 1 July - 30 June. Date Convention used by GEO: Year 2006 represents 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007.